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Hair and Make Up

I work with some amazingly talented hair and make up artists.  It is important, however, to communicate with them on how you want to look when you arrive at your appointment.

They know just what to do to keep you looking like yourself while accenting your beautiful features, but you should also speak up if something just isn't working for you.  The most important thing is that you love the way you look and feel!

For Best Results:

  • Arrive with hair one day dirty (washed the night before)

  • Hair should be free of any product or ironing

  • Inform your make up artist of any allergies or sensitive skin so they can use the best products for your skin type

  • Bring sample images of looks you love to help your artist understand your vision

Doing your own hair and make up?

While I highly recommend investing in a hair and make up artist to get you camera ready, there is a lot you can do by yourself right at home!

Here are 5 easy things to consider when doing your own make up for portraits.

1.  Use full coverage foundation rather than mineral products.  This will help even out your skin tones and keep light from reflecting off of you.  If you have freckles you don't want to cover up, try a full coverage powder instead of a liquid.

2.  Try to stick with neutral, matte tones to enhance your eyes.

3.  Go a little more heavy with your makeup (the eyes and lips primarily) than normal.  You will think it looks like too much in person, but it will be just right in your photographs.

4.  False eyelashes make a world of difference and really make your eyes pop!

5.  Lip color completes your look so don't skip this step.  Wear a shade that give your lips just enough color to pop without being too bold and distracting.

There is an entire board on my Pinterest page dedicated to make up.  Check it out!