Get the most out of your session!

Here are some of the little things you  may not have thought of as you prepare for your session.

  • Avoid tanning at least a few days prior to your session to avoid harsh tan lines or worse, a sunburn!

  • Make sure hair cuts or coloring are done a week or so prior to your session.  This will give your hair time to settle down and you time to adjust to your new look.

  • Come with your fingernails (and toenails) trimmed, polished, and ready to be photographed.  Make sure they aren't chipped and the color should not be too bold or distracting

You will probably feel a little nervous and uncomfortable at first.  Don't worry, this is completely normal!  It will take a little bit to get used to being photographed, but once you are, you will have so much fun!  I will guide you on how to pose, where to stand, what to do with your hands, but I encourage you to also make it your own.  You may not always feel natural, but sometimes the most comfortable positions look the best in camera.

The best thing you can do is relax & have fun!