What To Wear?

As you start selecting your clothing choices, keep in mind the tips you read here that will help you select the best options for your session.

  • Start by choosing clothes you would normally wear and that make you feel confident and gorgeous.  You want to look like yourself and feel amazing!

  • Consider the season you will be in and dress accordingly.

  • Dress for your location.  You wouldn't want to wear your favorite peach top if we are going to be in dry grass.  You would be better off wearing a darker color that will stand out against the backdrop.

How Many Outfits?

Mini Session: bring 1-2 outfits

Simple and Signature Sessions: While you may bring as many outfits as you like, I recommend 3-4.  This is so you spend more time photographing and less time changing.

Things To Wear:

Solid colors are sure to be a timeless favorite (mild patterns are okay too though!)

Layers add dimension and interest

Jewelry and accessories are a great finishing touch to make your outfit pop

Things To Avoid:

Distracting elements such as bright colors, busy patterns, or distracting logos

Clothing that doesn't fit well.  Your outfits should be fitted to best accent your features.


Browse clothing boards or even create your own!  Like what you see?  Each item will link you directly to where you can buy it.

Last Minute Advice:

  • Bring your clothes wrinkle free and on hangers if possible

  • Be sure your undergarments won't be visible

  • Don't overlook small details such as socks, shoes, and jewelry.  It's the small things that can really make your photos pop!

Feel to send me your outfit choices!  I'm happy to help in your outfit selection any way that I can and can offer suggestions on what will photograph well and what may not.

Visit my Pinterest board for more fashion inspiration: