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I feel so lucky to have gotten to know this family over the past several months.  First with their daughter’s senior photos in the fall, and then with their family photos in the spring!  It was quite a little hike down to this location, but boy was it worth it!  Not only was it absolutely gorgeous, but this is a spot that their family visits regularly to hike.  I always love it when people suggest a spot that means something to them and this was no exception.  I could tell how comfortable they were with the area, and that these photos would only add to all of their amazing memories in this spot over the years.

family of five picture with an awesome sunflare

Aren’t these three just stunning!  This really is one seriously photogenic family!

siblings sitting on a log, two girls and a boy

I think this guy is going to be a little heart breaker in a few years.  In the meantime, I think he would have much rather been able to run around and get dirty instead of posing for pictures, but I think he did great!

toothless boy smiling for the camera

I just love shots of parents and their kids.

dad with his three kids

sunny family photo and couples photo

Love pictures of mom and her kids!  Always reminds me to get in the photo instead of behind it with my own.  On another note, I LOVE this couples pose!  I think I said something like, “okay, grab her hand, then bring it up to her shoulder” and then they just melted into this naturally.  Perfection!

mother with her three kids

This lovely lady was a ton of fun!  So natural in front of the camera!

tween photo of a girl sitting in the grass holding her legs

These kids are so easy going, and really, they made my job easy!

collage of siblings, senior girl, tween girl, young boy

I really love this picture.  Everyone is sort of doing their own thing, demonstrating their unique personalities, yet all together as a family.

casual photo of a family of five posing in front of a huge rock formation in Rocklin


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