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When a client asks me where we should do their shoot, I first ask them if there is a place that is meaningful to them.  Some place that they spend time as a family, or a place they took their kids when they were little.  When you look at your photographs over the years, they will be that much more meaningful to you when you can remember many moments from that spot rather than just one photo session.  I was so excited when this family chose an iconic Rocklin street for their shoot.  I loved hearing stories about the area and why this spot is special to them.

RocklinPhotographers heatheragnewphoto.com 02

Loved this spot with the Rocklin clock in the background.

RocklinSeniorPortraitPhotographer heatheragnewphoto.com 10

Father and daughters have a special bond.

RocklinCAPhotographer heatheragnewphoto.com 03

And mothers and daughters do as well!

RocklinFamilyPhotographer heatheragnewphoto.com 04

So much love!

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Just one reason this spot was meaningful…..These girls helped raise money for the fountain in the background when they were younger!

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RocklinCouplesPhotographer heatheragnewphoto.com 06

Caught this fun moment between sisters!

RocklinPortraitPhotographer heatheragnewphoto.com 05

RocklinPhotographer ChristmasPhotos  heatheragnewphoto.com 07

Several years ago, this family helped drag, yes drag this church down the street to it’s current location!

RocklinPhotographer heatheragnewphoto.com 12

Happy Holidays!

RocklinFamilyPhotographer heatheragnewphoto.com 08

The sun finally peeked out just in time for it to set.

RocklinPhotographer heatheragnewphoto.com 09

(disclaimer: no one was ever standing on the railroad tracks.  We were all safely on the platform the entire time 😉 )

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