senior model team


What's The Model Program All About?

Joining the model team is so much more than posing for pictures.  It's about gaining confidence, having a fun and unique experience with your friends, and having a year long collection of images to document your final year in high school.

No application necessary!  I will have a meeting with you and a parent to explain the program details and if you are excited to join, you can simply sign up.

What's Included?

  • Model session this spring
  • Group sessions throughout the year
  • A family session for you and your immediate family
  • A custom Signature Session with hair and make up included
  • VIP discount on all print orders
  • Mobile app of your watermarked images for easy sharing online with family and friends
  • Cash rewards for each referral

Please contact Heather to set up an appointment with you and a parent so we can go over all the details and get you signed up!


Rocklin, California

(916) 415-8553