Roseville Family Photographer

This family was so amazing to photograph.  Plus, these two little ones were just the sweetest things and were so great during their session.  We lucked out with a gorgeous spring evening and beautiful light.  It was so nice to walk around this park in Roseville and just stop once in a while to capture the moment in camera.

Up first, is one of my personal favorites from this session.  As a mother, I don’t think there is anything sweeter and getting both of your kids in a picture holding hands, or hugging each other where you can just feel their closeness.  I love how this one has a little bit of mom and dad in there as well.

brother and sister holding hands

I could tell right away how much these two kiddos love each other.  Such a special bond between brother and sister.

young brother and sister family photo

The moments in between are where you can really see the connections between a family.

family photo with little boy and girl and their mom

I still cannot get over how adorable she is!

little girl holding a flower

Love all the happiness pouring out of this family.  Makes me heart happy!

picture of mother and son

Of course we had to get some shots of their beautiful smiling faces.

brother and sister among green grass

This one just makes me laugh.

picture of a toddler boy

This makes me laugh too.  This was her “ROAR” face!

little girl climbing on a log

Sweet moment between mom and dad!

couple staring into each others eyes

A moment in between of these two walking to our next spot.

two siblings walking down a trail

I wish I knew what these two were talking about here.  Looks like these two are going to grow up to be the best of friends.

brother and sister momen

Sweet kisses from mamma’s little girl.

daughter giving mom a kiss on the cheek

It’s not uncommon for kids to get a little goofy and tired of taking pictures toward the end of a session.  I still loved all the funny faces I was getting though!

two siblings being silly in black and white

Lost in her thoughts……

little girl pondering flowers

Since the kiddos were just about done by this point, the only way to go was silly shots like this!

family picture with toddler boy upside down

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