Why Summer is a Great Time for Senior Portraits

Summer often gets overlooked for senior portraits in this area.  Usually because you think you have plenty of time to get them done, you think it’s too hot, or you think the landscape isn’t going to be pretty enough.

The truth is, Summer is a great time for portraits for several reasons.  Not only will you have more time to plan your ideal session, but you will set the precedent and be the first in your class to have your portraits taken.  That means, you’re the first in your class to be photographed at any given location and you’ll be the first in your class to share awesome photos of yourself online!

Here are some of the top reasons why Summer is a great time to schedule your senior pictures and proof that we can find beautiful scenery for your portraits:

Senior girl standing in dry grass during summer senior portrait session


While you are out of school on summer break, you will have so much more time to plan your perfect outfit, you won’t feel rushed, and you will be able to focus on planning the perfect session.  Once school starts back up, you will be so busy with sports, after school activities, homework, and more that the weeks will quickly slip by and you’ll find yourself struggling to find free time in your schedule to have your portraits taken.



We don’t get a lot of rain in Rocklin during the summer months so you won’t have to worry about your session getting rained out!  Yes, it can be hot, but we are typically in the shade during your session and will be photographing a couple of hours before sunset when it is starting to cool off.  Also, summer makes a great time for a session at the river.

summer senior portraits by the river

Yearbook Deadlines

While most schools have specific requirements for your official yearbook photo, they also offer a dedication page where you can customize your own section of the yearbook.  Deadlines for this are typically before Winter Break so having your session done during the summer will give you plenty of time to select those perfect images to share in your yearbook.

Some schools will even allow you to submit a custom photo as your official yearbook image!  Don’t miss this deadline, because they are usually in the fall or winter.


There you have it!  Why you should have a summer senior portrait session!

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